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Gender Equity and Reconciliation International (GERI) convenes groups of women and men, and people of all gender identities and expressions, to work closely together—not only to heal from the past, but also to begin re-writing the future of gender relations in the human family.

How do we begin?  By telling our stories.  Because untold stories keep oppression invisible.  We create a safe, courageous, and mutually compassionate space, in which our truths and stories come forward, without shame or blame.

The GERI process brings us into in a unique space of deep mutual awareness and compassion, and from there leads us skillfully out of our collective past, and ushers in a new shared group space of newfound oneness—as rare as it is precious—where a collective alchemy begins to work in and through the group.  Freed from the past, we then begin to embrace and live into an auspicious loving interconnection that fosters “beloved community.”

GERI provides spaces all over the world, in which this transformational alchemy takes place. The ravages of gender oppression have afflicted every human civilization across the globe, in every culture, race, and continent, since time immemorial.  But this does not have to continue.  We can change it, and we ARE changing it, and replacing it with beloved community. 

Do you want to be part of this?  You are warmly welcome. The human spirit is greater than any and all obstacles.  Together, we are re-writing the future of humanity, centered in the heart. Please join us. 

About the Gender Equity and Reconciliation Workshop in Steinen, Germany, 1-4 May, 2024:

Petra and Ken Sloan participated in a weeklong GERI workshop in California in May of 2018 and then in a GERI workshop near Lenz, Austria in August of 2023. They were both very impressed by the work in terms of the positive shift on gender issues of the participants, including they themselves. Petra and Ken knew that they wanted to bring this work to their center. And now a workshop in Steinen, Germany is planned for Wednesday May 1 through Saturday May 4, 2024.

We are privileged to have four very experienced GERI facilitators for this event.
Cynthia Brix and Will Keepin who are the originators and developers of this process beginning in 1992 and who have dedicated themselves to it for the last 30 years. Among their many qualifications and substantial experience, they are both certified Grof Holotropic Breathwork facilitators.
Garrett Evans who is the GERI International Program Officer and a trainer who has been full-time with GERI since 2017. He received his degree in Conflict Resolution from Portland State University and finds the GERI work to be a perfect way to combine his love for the world’s spiritual traditions with healing and reconciliation work.
Desiree English who is a senior trainer and chair of the board of GenderWorks, GERI’s affiliate in South Africa. She has conducted GERI programs in South Africa, Kenya, India, Egypt, and the United States

Date/Time: The workshop will begin in the evening of Wednesday May 1 and end at 16:00 on Saturday, May 4.
Location: The Synergeist Institute, Reifhalde 15, D-79585 Steinen
Participants: The workshop is planned to have 18 participants supported by a team of facilitators from GERI.
Cost: There are three price levels which participants self-select: Normal Price (440€), Sponsor Price (520€), and Reduced Price (330€)
This price includes the workshop fee plus food/drinks/snacks. There are a few sleeping places in the center. Most participants will need to rent a room in the local village (15 minute walk).
Application Process: Send an email expressing your interest to participate to „registrar (at) synergeist (dot) org“